Medical Billing

Physicians around the world rely on Nexel Health to pursue their claims, speed up their payments, and increase their revenue. When you hire Nexel Health to handle your medical billing, we guarantee prompt, accurate service that complies with HIPAA confidentiality requirements. Private patient information is safe and secure in our reliable hands. Your physicians went to medical school to treat patients, not billing and coding school to chase claims. So leave the billing to the experts at Nexel Health. Our professional coders can avoid the errors common at other billing companies because they receive specialized training that allows them to code efficiently and accurately. They aggressively pursue claims, so you get paid faster. With their experience, they are adept at challenging rejected and denied claims to increase revenue for physicians and healthcare organizations. When you outsource to our experienced staff, your healthcare providers can concentrate on what they do best: delivering exceptional healthcare to patients. Our personalized service sets us apart from other medical billing companies. Every healthcare provider that works with us has direct access to the team leader handling his or her medical billing. The team leader is located in the same office on the same floor as billing staff to provide direct oversight and quality control of all work products.
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About Nexel

Exceptional services from our range of expertise and arenas give us a unique edge to help take our clients and their services to a next level. When our clients reach us, we make sure our cost effective, efficient, innovative and productive solution combined with state of the art technology and customer care are what would let them make the right decision ...

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