Health Care IT

A one stop solution for the financial instability of healthcare institutions

Revenue Cycle Management

Nexel Revenue Cycle Management services are the most advanced in the business. Not only can they boost the revenue of a profitable clinic or ER, but they can save those teetering on the edge of collapse. When you put the financial health and stability of your practice in the hands of another company, don't just hope for the best or stick with what you have. Put them in the hands of a company that can prove that it has the knowledge and tools to improve the profitability of your practice. Let Nexel help you focus on ensuring the health of your patients are in good hands.

Nexel EHR

eTeClinic keeps you up-to-date on the progress of your patients in one, easy to view location. This complete picture of the patient data includes a comprehensive patient history and patient health records with information such as allergies, lab results, and prior treatments, giving you the tools you need to provide quality healthcare in the least amount of time.

Practice Management

eTeClinic is the medical management software that handles your patient visits from start to finish, allowing you to easily manage your patients from before they walk in until after they walk out. Spend more time with your patients and less time with the computer screen, with less errors, better communication, and more value for you and your patients with less work.

Business Management

eTeClinic offers more than other EHR/PM platforms by automatically integrating your practices' business functions into your EHR/PM actions. That empowers you and your staff to save the practice money, and save even more time for patients. eTeClinic takes care of the medical inventory management, human resources, and finance & accounting.
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About Nexel

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