Nexel CRM

To help boost your activities, Nexel CRM is everything you will ever need to track, organize and nurture your leads and customers.

Nexel CRM

To help boost your activities, Nexel CRM is everything you will ever need to track, organize and nurture your leads and customers.
When your team doesn’t want to fight with messy spreadsheets, get frustrated with cluttered inboxes and get to face the clunky tools that slow them down - Nexel CRM would make their life and tasks automated providing them the ease that they have always wanted. Nexel CRM automates the whole process for any company in any industry, making it salespeople’s most favorite tool. That means doing more work and less entries.

Manage your targets

Keep yourself updated on the complete sales cycle via your main dashboard. view of your entire sales funnel on a clean, visual dashboard.
You can arrange your sales/tasks that have been closed or done, appointments that have been scheduled, and contracts that have been signed, and also keep an eye on your performance against the targets that have been set for you. You will also have an option to filter deals by name, address, sales type, product/project, etc. in a fraction of the time. You will have option to set up your filters how you want.

Manage your Inventory

With Nexel CRM, your team has a full view of the inventory you have. From the time inventory has been ordered to the time it has been sold or run out Nexel CRM keeps a track of all that is happening or has happened. With regular notifications and alerts regarding critical inventory levels or levels crossing the set limit, Nexel CRM makes it easy for you to maintain your inventory levels along with making maximum profitability.

Employee Attendance

Another feature that has regularly made team’s lives easy and hassle free, Nexel CRM now offers complete HR package along with attendance management system. Complete overview of employee attendance, maintaining clock ins/clock outs, holidays, sick leaves, etc. has really helped companies achieve big, economically and in terms of keeping their teams happy.

Every detail about a lead at a single spot!

Don’t keep yourself to names and designations of the leads you have. Every interaction with a lead is stored in a tidy timeline, including calls, emails,
meetings, and comments. We would hate you to spend your valuable time digging through an inbox or spreadsheet
to figure out what has happened to that very important contact you wanted to close.

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