Ride Hailing Services

We will help you start your ride-hailing business and keep your operations going smoothly

Ride Hailing Services

Taxis and buses have been an age old means of commuting in Pakistan, but the idea of rides available on the tap of a button through our smartphones is relatively new. Today, while we have embraced this new service with open arms, some concerns still loom large. The current names in the business have not quite appreciated the importance of providing a holistic service offering things that matter to us most: safety, reliability, and the dynamic Pakistani spirit that is, if nothing else, adaptive.

From backend to frontend, we have everything you need to get your fleet of cabs and cars up and running. We will help you start your ride-hailing business and keep your operations going smoothly. Gaari guarantees safe rides, secure payments, and satisfied customers. Even after the contract has been signed off, our service does not stop. We train your staff until they are experts at using our system. We are available around-the-clock to provide support and keep your ride-hailing business on the road to profitability

Ride A Luxury Car Everyday

Our core values remain the guiding force at the center of our services and operations. So with every ride, you can be
assured that you will get the best of the best in safety, comfort, convenience, and support.

Book Gaari

Book the Car

Launch the App and book your ride. Once the ride is confirmed, get information about the designated partner and the ride in real time.

Ride Gaari

Ride the Car

Enjoy a simplified, reliable and pleasant commuting experience.

Pay Fare

Pay the Fare

You can make payments for the ride through three options: Cash, Credit Card, and Gaari Paisa.

Address Pickup

Ride from your doorstep, the office, or your friend’s place. With default locations, you will get a ride that much sooner. Either way, Gaari will be there in minutes.

Ride Now

Running behind time? Book a ride with Gaari and reach your destination hassle-free.

Ride Schedule

Punctuality being a problem? Not Anymore. With Gaari’s Ride Schedule feature, plan your trip in advance and get reminders of your trip ahead of time.

Corporate Services

Need a seamless solution to employee commuting? Contact us today for a free quote to meet your business needs.

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