Sales and Marketing

Build your business and brand from the floor with highly trained and experienced sales professionals

Sales and Marketing

We are not just some ordinary sales force; we are a team of highly experienced and dedicated individuals who are focused on providing you the best solutions for your sales growth. Build your business and brand from the floor with highly trained and experienced sales professionals.
Each of our sales experts is required to go through extensive and comprehensive training customized according to your brand’s needs and requirements.

InStore Sales

Be it wireless, Internet, consumer electronics, home warranty product, government products or retail sales, our teams close hundreds of customers every day, engaging shoppers from “big box” retailers. Our teams have the knowledge and confidence to close more deals in less time.
Our core competency is complex sales solutions.

Our highly trainedand motivated sales experts focus on selling each hour focusing on activity and customer interaction. Whether you want to fill a permanent position or a seasonal one, Nexel Services can customize an assisted sales growth solution that will work exactly according to your needs and requirements of your brand.

Events Sales

Are you focusing on engaging the event attendees? Our event experts engage the attendees by asking the right questions and connecting customers with your product the right way.
Flea markets, street fairs, garden shows, art festivals, sidewalk Nexel Services specializes in closing deals anywhere and any time of the day, regardless or what the circumstances are. We guarantee you results that you have only “Projected”.

Door-to-Door Sales Growth Solutions

Our door-to-door sales team helps us to create a connection with the target markets and secure new customers for our customers. Our client’s strength lies in our sales solutions designed specifically for them by our experienced experts.
With a combined experience of more than 30 years, we have become the first choice for well-known companies for door-to-door sales, delivering value and offering sales growth solutions. Our door-to-door sales method has established value and has proven to bring the very best results to businesses. We customize door-to-door sales solutions and techniques to promote products and services in a unique interactive way, communicating the right message to the right people.
Our door-to-door sales team interacts directly to potential customers at their homes, places of work, in store, at private sites and public venues, gaining the maximum reach possible.
Our door-to-door sales growth solutions offer various benefits:
    • Designing of the most-effective campaign
    • Access to the well trained, experienced and customer focused door-to-door sales force
    • Sales professionals who havepassed background and drug checks
    • Sales teams and project management
    • Decreased average cost per sale
    • Regular reports on the performance of the campaign enhancing bottom-line performance

Because we understand it gets frustrating for businesses when they do not see results that were committed, Our door-to-door sales solutions is designed in a way that our clients only pay for the results that we deliver. These are some of many reasons why companies choose us again and again to deliver results and quality.

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